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Description: 毛記電視

Description: 「香港大大台」、「亞太區我最喜愛廢青電視台」、「全球華人永遠最冇良心電視台」毛記電視(TVMost),每日以《六點半左右新聞報道》、《勁曲金曲》等高級劣質節目及其他精彩毛聊內容荼毒觀眾,用心調節本港相對濕度,致力降低全球海洋水位。 صور - شارك واستمتع بأجمل الصور على الانترنت

Description: صور هو شبكة اجتماعية لمشاركة الصور الممتعة وخدمة مجانية لرفع الصور 渋谷のキング Official Web Site

Description: 渋谷のキング オフィシャルサイト Dein Handy. Dein Tarif. Ganz einfach. |

Description: Willkommen bei DEINHANDY - Deinem Vergleichsportal für Smartphones und Tarife. Bei uns findest Du Dein Handy mit Vertrag.

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5 Essential SEO Trends Here to Stay in 2018

1. The mobile audience is your key

It was not too long ago that mobile search results finally surpassed traditional desktop Googling. And the trends are only looking in one direction: up. We will teach you how to best prepare yourself to rack in the portable crowd without suffering major penalties from the desktop users.

2. Take your users' experience into account – not your own

You want your website to be attractive, not convoluted and off putting. Complexity may seem like a good thing at times, but marketing research shows it does more harm than good. Always make sure your website shows up nice and neatly on both mobile and desktop platforms, and ease your audience into your web page.

3. Google AMP will put you ahead of the competition

Accelerated Mobile Pages is a relatively new technology that will help your page be loaded as fast as possible. It's the perfect boost for anyone looking to jump ahead of the competition and make your readers appreciate how fast and intuitive your content is.

4. Geography and location are not to be ignored

If you have a local business, you have every reason to get yourself out there and noticed online. Advertising your business is easier than ever thanks to local searches. Tell your customers and clients exactly where you are so they will be able to find you easier than your competitors.

5. Don't use a single word of filler

People demand and expect high quality content. A fast loading webpage goes a long way, but if what you're handing out to people isn't good enough, then it won't even matter. We'll help you analyze which content, writing styles and keywords attract the highest rankings and return rates.

5 SEO trends